Shadow Jaeger
Abilities:Dark Manipulation, Extreme Speed

Shadow Jager is the main protagonist of the series, Fatal Side. Shadow has the appearance of a teenager around his 15 ,who has blue eyes and spiky black hair and is somewhat muscular, but also skinny.


Shadow has the ability to manipulate dark energy, and is able to run at fast speeds, having extreme speed. Despite this, he does have some flaws in his ability. His speed is determined of how many dark energy he has absored, as if he has less dark energy, his speed becomes slower. His dark energy also has flaws, as everytime he is hit heavily, he loses a lot of dark energy.


Miku BlosssomsEdit

It seems obvious that Shadow and Miku have a romantic relationship, due to various reasons, such as Miku blushing near Shadow sometimes. However, this relationship does not start immediately, as it seems to grow during the season.

Assan RiversEdit

King ArthurEdit


  • It is noted that Shadow did not have the eyepatch during his school days, as he wore that after he entered the castle.