Season 1, Episode 1
Written by TheShadowCraft
Directed by TheShadowCraft
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 An Enchanting Beginning is the Pilot of the series, Enchantment.


Kenji Flareon finds a job to retrieve a stolen artifact in which he had to team up with a girl named Hikaru Grace, who wanted to do the job to do. After doing the job together, Hikaru invited Kenji to join her legion, The Enchanted Union.


A teenager around the age of 16 is seen walking through the streets. He looks around at all the people doing their normal things. He walks past something that catches his eye.

???: Huh?

The teenager reads it and notices that an artifact had been stolen and that whoever retreives it recieves 2000 Zen. 

???: Sweet, I've got to do this job!

???: Excuse me, sir?

The teenager holding the job poster looks back to see a pink-haired girl just a little smaller than him. 

???: Who are you?

Hikaru: My name is Hikaru Grace, and I've been training ever since I saw that job, I know you want to do it so badly, but will you give it to me?

???: ...

Hikaru then worries and looks down, making the teenager quite disappointed with himself. He then thinks and decides to tell her what they can do.

???: Hey, why don't we do this together? We can split it in half!

Hikaru: Really? Thank you so much!

Hikaru, without thinking then hugs the teenager making him blush. Hikaru, realising what she had done, immediately breaks up the hug, blushing.

Hikaru: S-sory about that, but what's your name?

Kenji: Kenji, Kenji Flareon!

Hikaru: Great, nice to meet you!


Kenji is seen waiting in the front of the forest, scratching the back of his head. He hears a call saying "Kenji!", and looks around to see Hikaru ready to go.

Kenji: So, ready to start?

Hikaru: Yup! 

Kenji: Then let's head inside!

Both of them head in the forest, where is the last supposed place the theif had escaped to. The two of them look at each other with eagerness in their eyes, and walk deeper into the forest.


Kenji is seen looking behind bushes and trees, while getting impatient. Hikaru, meanwhile is climbing up the trees for food in case they had to camp. 

Kenji: Geez...I can't find that freakin' base anywhere!

Hikaru: It must be close by after all we've searched like nearly the entire for-EEK!

Kenji looks backwards as he sees Hikaru falls down from the branch, Kenji rushes immediately. Kenji ran close and held his hand out only for Hikaru to fall the ground before he could catch her.

Kenji *o_O*: Huh? What?

Hikaru: I found something, jump down!

Kenji just shrugs and jumps down, only for him to go through the ground as well. 

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