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Burning Masks is a DVD and soundtrack of Food Chain Climbers. It released to stores on June 14, 2011. The DVD has 12 episodes while the soundtrack has 12 songs.

Episodes Edit

  1. Cooking Murders
  2. TBA
  3. Archer of the Deadeyes
  4. Spicy Skins of Summer
  5. Pencils and Matches
  6. Flaming Boomerangs
  7. Mausoleum of Obsidian
  8. Football Game of Flames
  9. Flaming Eyes for Food
  10. Ultimate Box of Matches
  11. Explosive Pirate Ship
  12. Flaming Paws

Songs Edit

  1. Hundegree's Memorial
  2. TBA
  3. Deadeye Flameslinger's Memorial
  4. Flip Flop Fryno's Memorial
  5. School Girl Torch's Memorial
  6. Bone Boomerang Hot Dog's Memorial
  7. Obsidian Hot Head's Memorial
  8. Flaming Football Blast Zone's Memorial
  9. Golden Eye Wildfire's Memorial
  10. Chomp Chest's Memorial
  11. Dyna Might Buzz's Memorial
  12. Fury Feet Blaziken's Memorial

Trivia Edit

  • This DVD and soundtrack has all episodes and songs that are in the Fire element, all episodes from Season 4 and 2 episodes from Season 5.
  • The 2010 MGM logo and the 2002 Sony Pictures Television logo are the closing logos for all episodes in this DVD.

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