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Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Thibo1102
Directed by Thibo1102
Episode Guide
Camping Trip is the first episode of Nature.

Script Edit

It's night, 3 teens are walking in the woods.

Thibo: Is this it?

Ryu: No, it's a bit further.

Suddenly, Aidan stops.

Aidan: Uh, Guys...

Ryu: Yes?

Ryu and Thibo turn around, and look scared.

Ryu: Oh my god...

Thibo: Is that a bear?

The bear turns around and runs towards them, the bear attacks Ryu, but he dodges.

Ryu: Woah!

The bear attacks Aidan and shreds open his backpack, all his stuff falls out.

Aidan: Dammit!

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