Confirming the Illuminati
Rating: Unknown
Channel: Unknown
Main Protagonist(s): Peladophobian
Main Antagonist(s): None
Number of Seasons: 1
First Episode: Unknown
Finale Episode: Unknown
Creator: PetStarPlanet
Confirming the Illuminati is TV series by PetStarPlanet. It is made to look like a documentary even though it isn't. The series is about Peladophobian discovering the Illuminati. Each episode focuses on a different thing, and in each episode, Peladophobian finds various proofs that the thing is Illuminati. There are also special episodes that don't confirm Illuminati but they confirm something else, such as Half-Life 3.

Episodes Edit

1. KFC is Illuminati Edit

Air date: October 21, 2015

After noticing a triangle while eating KFC's food, Peladophobian decides to investigate KFC. During this time, he finds clear evidence that KFC is in fact Illuminati.