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Cooking Murders is the first episode of the fourth season of Food Chain Climbers. It is the thirty-first episode overall. It aired on June 12, 2008. The song in this episode is Hundegree's Memorial (Burn from Kidz Bop 25).

Season 4, Episode 1

Episode Overall: 31

Previous Episode: Long Distance Arrows

Next Episode: TBA

Synopsis Edit

Ratcatcher investigates the murders of the Color Fish Eaters.

Plot Edit

The episode starts off with Firestar and Tulip And Lava standing next to a grill. Firestar calls Ratcatcher to see it. He tells her that Sarah And Maddie have been murdered. He then explains to her how they were murdered.

DVDS this episode is in Edit

Full Series

The Complete Fourth Season

Burning Masks

The Transhape Mask Collection

Masks of Horror


For the transcript, click here.

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