Cooking Murders is the third episode of the sixth season of Food Chain Climbers. It is the one hundred-eighth episode overall. It first aired on Animal Planet on May 2, 2016.

Season 6, Episode 3

Episode Overall: 108

Previous Episode: Jazzhopper's Game of Musical Chairs

Next Episode: Annie's Zombie Apocalypse Rampage

Synopsis Edit

Dewey Beach investigates the murders of the Somali Fish Eaters.


​Part 1Edit

The episode starts with a hooded killer entering Fish Village and sees Ratcatcher outside. It asks her a joke, she sarcastically believes it, and it starts to stab her to death. The next morning, Tallstar finds her body and reports it to Firestar, who then goes to call the police, but the number was rejected. Dewey Beach then finds the body and starts to investigate it and take notes. Later, the killer murders Katelyn by shredding her in a cheese shredder. Dewey investigates her body after hearing her scream before her death and rushing up to her shredded body. Things get worse for Dewey when the killer murders Honeyfern by feeding her a poison, which leads to her death. The killer then cremates her by throwing a fire bomb at her. It then puts her ashes in a can and dumps them into a grill. Alexandra and Carina see this, and Dewey investigates this. Red comes by and sees the murder and gets into a tanning bed, which kills him as well. Dewey investigates it and takes notes. Whiskers sees Red's body but later sees Serena and Chantal getting roasted to death by the killer. The two orange kittens are surprised by their skeletons, and Dewey takes notes. The killer then murders Danielle and Lauren by electrocuting them with shock darts. Dewey investigates this too. The killer then murders Mopslinger by decapitating her by shooting with a giant bazooka and throws a fire bomb at her, which ends up cremating her. The killer decides to stop murdering for a while. Dewey investigates their murder and announces that seven Somali Fish Eaters have been murdered. Olivia asks when he will round up the suspects and Dewey says he will get them as soon as he can. He also says that they will have a funeral for the murdered Fish Eaters but also says he will think about how to set it up.

​Part 2Edit


​Part 3Edit



For the transcript, click here.

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