Wikia Town
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date June 28, 2015
Written by PetStarPlanet
Directed by PetStarPlanet
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Easter Hunting is the fourth episode of Wikia Town.

Synopsis Edit

Both of Star's schools announce an Easter Egg Hunting event.

Plot Edit

It is the Monday before Easter and Miyuki announces that there will be an Easter Egg Hunting event at MovieStarPlanet High and every student is allowed to take part.

Star manages to find several hidden eggs. However, she remembers that she has a class at Skylanders Fan High and rushes to the other high school.

Star goes to sit next to a boy called Drake, who is a member of the Tech team. Soon, the teacher of the class tells that the Skylanders Fan Wiki will be having an Easter Egg Hunting event and the winner will get Eggsellent Weeruptor.

When Star and Drake are hunting for Easter Eggs, they meet Brandon, who is the leader of the Undead Team and the User Squad, which is the most popular group of the school. To Star and Drake's surprise, Brandon asks them to join the group. Both of them accept. Soon after, Brandon asks another student called Jordan to join the group.

Soon, Star becomes the third-in-command of the Air Team (after Poseidon and Miles). PetStarPlanet starts training for the Skystones Competition in a sky themed room with the rest of the Air Team. Sometimes, some of the people find Easter Eggs.

At home, Star notices that her Easter Eggs from both schools are mixed up. She takes a picture of them and sends it to Taylor "Draco", hoping that she could help.

Characters Edit

  • Star
  • Taylor "Draco"
  • Miyuki
  • Drake (first appearance)
  • Poseidon
  • Poseidia (first appearance)
  • Aidan (first appearance)
  • Draco (first appearance)
  • Brandon (first appearance)
  • Jordan (first appearance)
  • Miles
  • Skylar "Sy"
  • PetStarPlanet's mother
  • PetStarPlanet's father