Enchantment is a magical-based Anime show, created by TheShadowCraft. The series invovles multiple Sorcery and Greek mythology to go with the magic theme. It was based off on the famous Anime series, Fairy Tail. 


The plot starts with a teenager who wanders in the town of Enchantovious, looking for a job. After meeting a girl during his job, she invites the teenager to join their league, The Enchanted Union. After joining, he experiences a life like never before with all his friends he has made in the league.


Kenji FlareonEdit

Kenji Flareon is the main protagonist of the series. His appearance includes him having black-tipped blonde hair and orange eyes. His personailty is quite reckless as he chargers into battle easily but isn't that joke-type of character, as he is serious when he fights. He also has the sarcastic personalilty, often irratating people. Despite this, he still has the caring personalilty and will always fight for his friends. He uses fire-magic to burn down his foes. The character's User counterpart is TheShadowCraft

Hikaru GraceEdit

Hikaru Grace is the secondary protagonist of the series. Her appearance includes her having pink hair and purple eyes. Her personailty is the caring type, as she cares for all her comardes. She's also quite paitent type, being able stand Kenji longer than most of her comrades. Hikaru can be a mad person sometimes, often getting mad at Kenji when he does stupid things, but she still loves him despite his personalilty. She uses ice-magic to freeze her foes. This character is an OC.

Tatsuya IchikawaEdit

Tatsuya Ichikawa is a protagonist of the series. His appearance includes him having purple hair and green eyes. He has the personality of quite basic average being, as he can't stand Kenji for long and argues with him but still is best of friends with him. He uses Celestial Spirit Magic to summon Celestial Spirits to aid him in battle. This character's User counterpart is The battle dragon trainer.


Title Number Written By Air Date
An Enchanting Beginning Pilot TheShadowCraft ???
Kenji Flareon finds a job to retrieve a stolen artifact in which he had to team up with a girl named Hikaru Grace, who wanted to do the job to do. After doing the job together, Hikaru invited Kenji to join her legion, The Enchanted Union.