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Food Chain Climbers is an American animated sitcom created by Eric Lewald and Michael Maliani that airs on Animal Planet.

Distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution and produced by MGM Television and Sony Pictures Television, the show premiered on January 8, 2005 and ended on May 20, 2015.



​Animated sitcom

​Created by

​Eric Lewald

Michael Maliani

V​oices of

Chris Hardwick

Allison Brie

No. of seasons​


No. of episodes​

110 (list of episodes)


​Executive producers

​Eric Lewald

Michael Maliant

P​roduction company

MGM Television

Sony Pictures Television


​MGM Worldwide Television Distribution


Original network

Animal Planet

Original release

January 8, 2005-May 20, 2015

Episodes Edit

List of Food Chain Climbers episodes

Songs Edit

List of Food Chain Climbers songs

Characters Edit

List of Food Chain Climbers characters

Books Edit

List of Food Chain Climbers books

DVDs and soundtracks Edit

Full Series and Soundtrack

The Complete First Season

The Complete Second Season

The Complete Third Season

The Complete Fourth Season

The Complete Fifth Season

The Complete Sixth Season

The Complete Seventh Season

The Complete Eighth Season

The Complete Ninth Season

The Complete Tenth Season

The Complete Eleventh Season

Windy Masks

Camouflaged Masks

Rocky Masks

Burning Masks

Kaotic Masks

Healing Masks

Glowing Masks

Magical Masks

Robotic Masks

Cursed Masks

Wet Masks

Masks of Horror

The Transhape Mask Collection

Reposed Masks

Colossal Masks

Rainbow Masks

Crystal Masks

Evil Masks

Empowered Masks

Extradimensional Masks

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