Warning: Magic contains violence up to blood and death.

Magic is an anime.

Rating: Unknown
Channel: Dragon TV
Main Protagonist(s): Ryu, Caramus
Main Antagonist(s): Unknown
Number of Seasons: 1
First Episode: The Dark Attack
Finale Episode: Unknown
Creator: The battle dragon trainer

Characters Edit

Ryu Edit

Ryu is a teen around 15, he is part ??? and is enfused with magic in his blood. He is also unstable, fainting when near dark magic. He is 50% Light Magic and 50% Dark Magic. He can unleash powerful attacks and devastate enemies but is quite weak with physical attacks but can still use a sword very well. The reason for this is later revealed.

Caramus Serpenticus Edit

Caramus is a caring teen who is part snake like creature. He can morph into a giant snake and is 17. He is 25% Dark Magic and 75% Light Magic. He is quite fast and strong for his age.

Sidinous and Bellificent Edit

Sidinous and Bellificent are cats. Sidious is Caramus' cat and Bellificent is his sister.

Tormor Edit

Tormor is an assassin who is sent to kill Ryu and Caramus. He fails and later turns to the good side.

Episodes Edit

Name No. Plot
The Dark Attack 01 Ryu one day awakes in a kingdom and meets Caramus Serpenticus but a dark attack takes place
Wateland Castle 02 Being teleported by Ryu, Caramus sets out to find his uncle while Ryu stays at base
Mountain Pass 03 Ryu and Caramus set out to find an answer to why Ryu is here