Minecraft Chronicles is a new Anime series created by TheShadowCraft. The series revovles around a human who is sucked into his game, Minecraft. However, rather than being the blocky world, he was transported to a rather circular world, exactly like Earth. This was not a threat to him but little did he know, he had entered his modded minecraft world, and the biggest threat of all, if he died...would he be able to respawn?


Ichiro JacksonEdit

Ichiro Jackson, a young teenager around the age of 16 and has the appearance of a black-haired man, normally seen wearing a white shirt and black pants, with black gloves. He is quite skilled with using the swords and guns, making him quite the knowleged fighter.




Mobs are the names of the creatures in the game of Minecraft, which are split into two vaireties: Peaceful and Hostile.