This is the sixth episode of Wiki Apocalypse.

Synopsis Edit

The group meets a somewhat mysterious person named Couy.

Plot Edit

The next morning, Stephen and Star take Poseidon with them on a supply run, they're scavenging the forest, until they find a village. Stephen goes in to check if it's safe, and tells Poseidon and Star to wait, Poseidon and Star talk and the two immediatley get along together. Stephen comes back and says it's safe, so the 3 of them go to scavenge the village.


Cast Edit

@ - No Lines

Main Edit

Reccuring Edit

  • ThePinkGirl
  • TheShadowCraft
  • BCtheBoss
  • Swaggermang
  • PetStarPlanet
  • CouyZDX

Co-Stars Edit

  • Poseidia133
  • TravisBoy77 @
  • Captainfishlip
  • Whirly Volcano @
  • Chompy-King
  • Bvande

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