Myth Masters
Rating: PG
Channel: Fifth Demon TV
Main Protagonist(s): Alex
Main Antagonist(s): Cronus
Number of Seasons: 1
First Episode: The Beginning of the Myths
Finale Episode: Working Title
Creator: Inferno999
Myth Masters is a TV show made by Inferno999.
Myth Masters-Logo

The Logo


A group of people find themselves in a world where gods and monsters from the mythologies and folklore of the world exist. Guided by the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, the group must learn magic, fighting, and most importantly, the myths and legends.


For a list of characters, go here.


  • The show was originally an idea for the TVW team project, but was scrapped due to the fact that it didn't suit Anime.
  • A.E.G.I.S. stands for Alliance of Evil Gods and Immortal Supervillains.

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