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Mythical Elimination is a Tv Show based on Total Drama where dragons and other mythical creatures compete in a one for all competition.

Characters Edit

  • Anubis (Presenter)
  • Firey The Fire Dragon
  • Hydro the Hydra
  • Frost the Snow Phoenix
  • Bolt the Electric Dragon
  • Pixel the Virtual Creature
  • Astro the Space Dragon
  • Quantum the Robot
  • Leaf the Plant Dragon
  • Boney the Bone Dragon
  • Nix the Phoenix
  • Skele the Skeleton Warrior

Episodes Edit

  1. Welcome to Dragon Island (Bolt goes)
  2. Pixelated (Quantum goes)
  3. Fire and Ice Part 1 (Nix Goes)
  4. Fire and Ice Part 2 (Frost Goes)
  5. Tombed? (Boney Goes)
  6. Ka- Boom (Hydro Goes)
  7. Bushfire! (Leaf Goes)
  8. Bones (Skele Goes)
  9. Bye Astro (Fiery Goes)
  10. Space vs Simulation? (Astro Goes, Pixel Wins)

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