This is the fourth episode of Wiki Apocalypse.

Synopsis Edit

The mansion gets overrun so the group joins a camp.

Plot Edit

Brandon and Gill are burrying Sam and the other students and teachers, Gill talks with Brandon about what Travis said earlier that day.

The group is leaving the school, a zombified Troy can be seen walking out of the school.

On their way back a horde approaches them, they run to the town hall, when they arrive they enter and close the door, a zombie grabs Travis' leg, but Shirou kills it. Cally, Poseidon, Brandon, Cameron and Bob are pushing against the door, but they can't close it because there are some zombie arms sticking through the door, so Thibo cuts them off. Quinten shoots the zombies that got in, the zombies break through the windows, so Poseidon and Cameron go to the windows to shoot the zombies, but because Cameron and Poseidon let go of the door, the zombies get in through the door. Everyone goes upstairs, Gill, Brandon and Ben push a couch of the stairs to stop the zombies. Most of the group is shooting the zombies, while the others try to figure out how to escape. Thibo finds a fire escape, so everyone escapes via the fire escape.

Outside the town hall, the group is looking through the stuff they managed to rescue, which wasn't much, they decide to travel back to the abandoned gas station they found near the school.

A few hours later, the group is walking to the gas station, Thibo and Quinten talk about what's been happening lately, while Bob is talking with Ben about Travis being a liability, as he can not shoot a gun, and gets in trouble all the time, but Ben defends Travis. After walking for a little, they stumble upon 3 people with a truck, the leader introduces himself as Sam, Sam tells them that they have a small camp, and were on a supply run when they stumbled upon the group, Ben asks Sam if they can join, and Sam accepts it.

The group is driving towards the camp, Ben asks Sam if they have enough supplies for the whole group, to which Sam answers they have. Cameron, Quinten, Cally and Thibo talk with two other members of the group, who introduce themselves as Stephen and Star.

After a while they arrive at the camp, Sam calls Leo, another member of the camp, Leo comes to help park the truck, the group steps out of the truck, "I think this'll be much better than the town hall." says Ben.

Cast Edit

@ - No Lines

Main Edit

  • Thibo1102
  • Inferno999
  • Poseidon133
  • The battle dragon trainer
  • BHCreations
  • Skyboy001

Reccuring Edit

  • ThePinkGirl
  • TheShadowCraft
  • BCtheBoss
  • Swaggermang
  • PetStarPlanet

Co-Stars Edit

  • Poseidia133
  • TravisBoy77
  • Captainfishlip
  • Whirly Volcano
  • Mirai Moon @
  • Chompy-King
  • Bvande