Background information
Television programs Wikia Town
Video games
Portrayed by
Inspiration Poseidon133
Character information
Full name Poseidon
Other names
Occupation Student at Skylanders Fan High
Affiliations User Squad, the Air elemental team
Goal Winning the Skystones tournament, keeping the User Squad together
Home Wikia Town
Relatives Poseidia (twin sister)
Allies Brandon
Likes Skylanders, Skystones, the User Squad
Dislikes Bullies
Powers and abilities

Poseidon is a notable character in Wikia Town. He is the leader of the Air elemental team at Skylanders Fanon High and the second-in-command of the User Squad, the most popular group of the school. He was born on November 16, 1998. He has a twin sister called Poseidia, who attends the same school.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Poseidon and his twin sister Poseidia were born in Wikia Town. They started attending Skylanders Fan High in 2013. Poseidon was sorted into the Air elemental team. He met Brandon and BC and the three became good friends and founded the User Squad.

Meeting Miles and Aidan Edit

In 2014, a new first year student called Miles was sorted into the Air team and he became one of the best Skystones players of the school. This made Poseidon happy because he knew that the Air team would finally have a chance of winning the annual Skystones tournament. Miles also became part of the User Squad. Another new student called Aidan also joined the User Squad and he gave them the idea to make the User Squad a big group.

The Skystones Tournament Edit

In March 2015, Star was sorted into the Air team and Poseidon told her about the annual Skystones Tournament. Poseidon also told Star a lot of things about the school. Before the Chompy Race (the first event of the tournament), Poseidon trained the Air team for the event and chose Miles as the competitor.