This is the fifth episode of Wiki Apocalypse.

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The group starts to feel more comfortable at the camp.

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The group gets out of the truck, Sam introduces them to Leo, one of his best helpers. Ben, Thibo, Shirou, and Quinten walk around, when they notice a guy with yellow clothing and black hair, they realise it's an old friend... It's Drake! They run up to him and hug him, Drake just now notices them, they ask him what happened, he says he tripped and fell and was eventually found by Sam and Stephen when they were on a supply run. Sam notices that they're talking, and asks if they know eachother, Thibo then tells Sam how they met Drake, and what happened after they got sepperated.

Brandon, Gill, and Sam go to check the storage room, if there's enough food and weapons for everyone.

It's night time, and the group is sitting by the fire, everyone's eating, except for Bob, Ben notices him and walks towards him, he asks why he isn't sitting by the fire with the rest, and he says that instead of all having fun and eating by the fire, they should be guarding the camp, as the light attracts the zombies, Ben tells him that he doesn't have to worry, and asks him to have fun for a while, Bob decides that one night wouldn't be too bad, so he decides he'll come and sit down with the rest.

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@ - No Lines

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  • ThePinkGirl
  • TheShadowCraft
  • BCtheBoss
  • Swaggermang
  • PetStarPlanet

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  • Poseidia133
  • TravisBoy77
  • Captainfishlip
  • Whirly Volcano
  • Mirai Moon
  • Chompy-King
  • Bvande