Rise of the Batman is a TV series by Thibo1102.

Episode Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. A Game of Cat and Bat
  2. Crazy Laughs
  3. Gangster Style
  4. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Dent
  5. The Penguin's Game
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole
  7. Riddle Me This
  8. Halloween
  9. The Coldest Weekend
  10. Sad Times
  11. To Catch a Moth
  12. WWEvil
  13. A Sweet Victory
  14. First Laugh
  15. Joke's On You

Season 2 Edit

  1. Crimes of the Undead
  2. Little Fun at the Big Top
  3. Happy Birthday Funny Freak
  4. A Poisonous Appointment
  5. Merry Freaky Christmas
  6. Go West, Young Penguin
  7. Sports Day
  8. Tick Tock Boom
  9. Bat Vs. Bat
  10. Sculpting a Clayface
  11. Baby Batman
  12. Flight of the Batwing
  13. Lurking in the Sewers
  14. True Love
  15. Walk Like A Pharao

Season 3 Edit

  1. The Two-Face Chase
  2. I See London...
  3. An Icy Reception
  4. You Can Bank on Batman
  5. Jokerland
  6. The Red Hood
  7. April Fools
  8. Mad as a Hatter
  9. Headshot
  10. Equinox I
  11. Equinox II
  12. Alfred Noire
  13. Bug Fight
  14. Penguinmania
  15. The Good, the Bat, and the Ugly

Season 4 Edit

  1. The Flight of the Firefly
  2. Western Style
  3. Venomous
  4. Night of the Nightwing
  5. Music Meister Mayhem!
  6. Reptilian Rumble
  7. Time's Ticking
  8. The Villanous Five

Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Villains Edit

Civilians Edit

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