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Zachary, Grace and Lexia is a special DVD of the sketch series Robot Chicken. It released to stores on August 19, 2014. It has 16 episodes with a special Zachary, Grace and Lexia segment at the end.

Episodes Edit

  1. I'm Trapped
  2. P.S. Yes, In That Way
  3. But Not In That Way
  4. Maurice Was Caught
  5. Terms of Daredevil
  6. Malcom X: Fully Loaded
  7. No Country For Old Dogs
  8. Beastmaster & Commander
  9. Punctured Jugular
  10. In Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones
  11. Eviscerated Post-Coital by a Six Foot Mantis
  12. Papercut to Aorta
  13. Secret of the Booze
  14. El Skeletorito
  15. Panthropologie
  16. Super Guitraio Center

Segments Edit

  1. Surprising Geysers
  2. San Pancho
  3. Soaking Bodies
  4. Diamonds of Care
  5. Disco Dance Floor
  6. Hedgehogs Gone Missing
  7. Tugboats That Are Gone Forever
  8. Taken Hats
  9. Pink Skies
  10. Blue Buried Worms
  11. Cave Slash Mine
  12. Tomato Bombs
  13. Run, Fly or Swim
  14. Stone Bones
  15. Palace of Relaxation
  16. Access Denied or Restricted

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