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WARNING: Run contains a slight amount of blood/violence

NOTE: Run is only loosely based on Wikia. Anything else that is familiar is either an inspiration of the series or a coincidence. This is also a reboot of "Gem Paladins".

Rating: ???
Channel: Fated Fire TV
Main Protagonist(s): ???
Main Antagonist(s): ???
Number of Seasons: 1
First Episode: ???
Finale Episode: ???
Creator: TheLonelyHydreigon456
Run is a Wikia-based anime TV show aired on Fated Fire TV.

Characters Edit

  • Drake (TheLonelyHydreigon456)
  • Aidan (Inferno999)
  • Thibo (Thibo1102)
  • Star (PetStarPlanet)
  • Yuudai (Khranus)
  • Poseidon (Poseidon133)
  • Leo (Whirly Volcano)
  • Nyx (OC)
  • Diablo (GetiniPvZ)
  • Atlas (OC)
  • Chaos Soldiers (OCs)

Story Edit

EIght friends discover a set of strange discs in an alleyway, and they are transported into a virtual reality where they have arcane abilities. At first it seems to be a paradise, but they are soon given a dire mission- destroy the amassing army of former Paladin Diablo before he takes over the virtual and real universes. They become the Gem Paladins, amazing warriors, but there is a catch. If you die in the game, you die in reality...

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