Background information
Television programs Wikia Town
Video games
Portrayed by
Inspiration PetStarPlanet
Character information
Full name
Other names
Occupation Student at Skylanders Fan High and MovieStarPlanet High
Affiliations Air elemental team, User Squad
Goal Making friends and staying in good terms with her current friends, winning the Skystones competition
Home Wikia Town
Relatives Unnamed but seen parents
Known cousin
Allies Lily
Likes MovieStarPlanet, Skylanders, spending time with her friends
Powers and abilities

Star is the main character in the TV series Wikia Town. She was born on November 19, 1998 and out of all the characters, Poseidon and Poseidia are the closest to her age. She is the only child in her family.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Star was born in YouTube City. In 2011, she started attending The Skylander High School. Two years later, she met Travis who had started high school that year. They became best friends, and they shared many interests, such as Black Rhino Ranger. In March 2014, Travis introduced Star to his other best friend, Lily.

Moving to Wikia Town Edit

On March 25, 2015, Star and her family moved to Wikia Town. In Wikia Town, Star started attending Skylanders Fan High and MovieStarPlanet High. At MovieStarPlanet High, she met Taylor (better known as Draco) and the two girls became close friends. At Skylanders Fanon High, she was sorted into the Air Element Team and became a member of the User Squad.

Going to the Lost Islands Edit

When Star was at Draco and Samantha's birthday party, a huge thunderstorm started, opening a cave which turned out to have a lake and some islands inside it. Star was very interested in that area and she wanted others to come with her, but no one wanted to come.

Trivia Edit

  • Star's birthday in the series is the release date of this video.
  • Star owns the app Skylanders: Lost Islands and it is one of the reasons why she likes the Lost Islands in Wikia Town.
  • In the series, Star is an only child despite PetStarPlanet having a sister in real life. She was originally supposed to have a sister in the series.
  • Her cousin is planned to appear in season 2. Her cousin is an OC who is slightly based on PetStarPlanet's sister (mostly the anime obsession).