WARNING: Teen Tales is a show not intended for younger viewers. There is blood and violence. So, if you are under 13, DO NOT WATCH for Safety Purposes!

Teen Tales is a show made for teenagers by GetiniPvZ.

Teen Tales
Rating: 4.5/5 -Unknown Rater
Channel: Unknown
Main Protagonist(s): Getini and Friends
Main Antagonist(s): Random
Number of Seasons: 5 For Now
First Episode: The Beginner Tale
Finale Episode: The Finalist Tale
Creator: GetiniPvZ

Characters Edit

Getini (Coral) Edit

The main character of this series. Thoughtful and smart, he has many friends from all over the country. He is part of Small People Club. In Thomas Filphy High School, he is mostly the kind student who helps others. He is the Kind One for this series.

Thibo (Dark Magenta) Edit

The best friend of Sky. Shy and quick, he is still one of the top students in Thomas Filphy High School. He is in Honor Roll. He visits Getini's house a lot and is friends with him, almost buddies. He is the Cool One for this series.

Nalin (Goldenrod) Edit

The brother of Tamara. Small and worthy, he is a member of Small People Club. Many of his friends hang out with him and he visits Getini most of the time. In Thomas Philphy High School, he does well in all his classes. He is the Worthy One for this series.

Tamara (Hot Pink) Edit

Jonathan (Khaki) Edit

Sky (Sky Blue) Edit

Stephen (Navy) Edit

Ivan (Crimson) Edit

Joseph (Spring Green) Edit

Tom (Laser Lemon) Edit

Shoji Edit

Dan Edit

Olive Edit

Flora (Infra Red) Edit

Lizzy Edit

Mike Edit

Jayson Edit

Kimberly Edit

Jessica Edit

Nick Edit

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Ally (Fuchsia) Edit

Leo Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Beginner Tale
  2. The Aloe Tale
  3. The Pokéball Tale
  4. The Tall Tale
  5. The Chocolate Tale
  6. The Junior Tale
  7. The Food Fight Tale
  8. The Senior Tale
  9. The Explosion Tale
  10. The Clean-Up Tale
  11. The Musical Tale
  12. The Horrible Tale
  13. The Bloody Tale
  14. The Hospital Tale
  15. The Symphony Tale
  16. The Fate In Our Hands Tale
  17. The Wishing Tale
  18. The Room Tale
  19. The Crying Tale
  20. The End of the Year Tale

Season 2 Edit

  1. The New Tale
  2. The Bully Tale
  3. The Money Tale
  4. The Rated R Tale
  5. The Alone Tale
  6. The Camping Tale
  7. The Slenderman Tale
  8. The Killer Tale
  9. The Shadow Tale
  10. The Returning Tale
  11. The Super Tale
  12. The Normal Tale
  13. The Breaking Tale
  14. The Disappearance Tale
  15. The Lost Tale
  16. The OP Tale
  17. The School End Tale
  18. The Fantasy Tale
  19. The Summer Solstice Tale
  20. The Heat Wave Tale

Season 3 Edit

  1. The Brand New Life Tale
  2. The Jerk Tale
  3. The Winter Tale
  4. The Chinese New Year Tale
  5. The House Warming Tale
  6. The Sick Tale
  7. The School War Tale
  8. The Broken Leg Tale
  9. The Wheelchair Tale
  10. The TV Anime Tale
  11. The Class President Tale
  12. The Celebrity Tale
  13. The Slap Fight Tale
  14. The Tweet On Twitter Tale
  15. The Broken Phone Tale
  16. The Slump Tale
  17. The Homeschool Tale
  18. The Teenage Dreams Tale
  19. The Shy Tale
  20. The Roller Skates Tale

Season 4 Edit

  1. The Sing-Along Tale
  2. The Moving Tale
  3. The Goodbye Tale
  4. The Understudy Tale
  5. The Fortunate Tale
  6. The Social Network Tale
  7. The Graduating Tale
  8. The Vacation Tale
  9. The Crocodile Tale
  10. The Bloody Animal Tale
  11. The Shark Wave Tale
  12. The Run-Away Tale
  13. The Fire Tale
  14. The Emergency Room Tale
  15. The Cancelled College Tale
  16. The Bad Life Tale
  17. The Adult Swim Tale
  18. The Karma Tale
  19. The End of the Line Tale
  20. The Charisma Tale