Working Title
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 14 July 2015
Written by Inferno999
Directed by Inferno999
Episode Guide
The Beginning of the Myths is the first episode of Working Title.



(Athena puts the sword of Perseus in Alex's hand)

Athena: That belonged to the Greek hero Perseus. He used it to slay Medusa. Use it well, Alex.

Alex: Wow... thanks...

Athena: I gave that to Perseus too.

Alex: This really makes up for how annoying you were as an owl.

Athena: Don't give me cheek. And anyway, all these gifts are curses. Your all holding the weight of the original owners of those weapons on your shoulders.

(Eric suddenly drops his new ship in surprise)

Athena: Don't drop that! Frey gave that to me reluctantly and he would kill me if it broke!

Eric: Sorry.

(Eric scrambles down and picks it up. Athena turns away to look at Alex again)

Athena: All of you will have trainers of your chosen mythology. Alex, you will be with me. Eric, you will have Njord, god of the sea. And Max, your dog can teach you!


Athena: How much do you know about Greek mythology?

Alex: I know that you're the goddess of wisdom.

Athena: Anything that you haven't learnt today?

Alex: Uh... Zeus is the king, there's this hero called Hercules, and -

Athena: You have a lot to learn.


Lupa: So. Are you over the fact that I can speak?

Max: I guess.

Lupa: Good. Now, five push-ups.

Max: Five... what?

Lupa: Roman gladiators must be strong, healthy, fit. Now give me five push-ups!

(Max drops on the floor and starts doing push-ups)

Lupa: Okay. Five more, one hand behind your back.

Max: I liked you better when you couldn't speak.