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The Dragon's Crystal is a TV show by TBDT.

The Dragon's Crystal
Rating: Unknown
Channel: Dragon TV
Main Protagonist(s): The Dragon Masters
Main Antagonist(s): The Doom Devils
Number of Seasons: Unknown
First Episode: Into the Dragon
Finale Episode: Unknown
Creator: The battle dragon trainer

Characters Edit

The Dragon Masters Edit

  • Max Smoulders
  • Amina Zyvox
  • Den Handbot
  • Sophie Slamshield
  • Tom Wishhell
  • Tara Wishhell
  • Will Rockroot
  • Olivia Sasquatch

The Doom Devils Edit

  • Dylan Twofang
  • Katherine Infector
  • Don Footvine
  • Slia Smasher
  • Dex Doomsed
  • Dox Doomsed
  • Rill Wockroot
  • Lina Adskyle

Plot Edit

A team of heroes known as The Dragon Masters are on a quest to find the Dragon Crystals but a team of villains are attacking them!

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