The Prison Breakout is the 1st episode of Season 1 of Dragon Wind and the 1st episode overall.

The Prison Breakout
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Unknown
Written by GetiniPvZ
Directed by GetiniPvZ
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The Flora Forest

Plot Edit

In Drago, a place filled with captured Dragons, a prison nearby gets locked. About 50 Dragons are inside the prison. One dragon, named Wind, tries to break out of the cell. There are no guards. Wind sees a key on the floor and picks it up. He then unlocks the cell and escapes from it. He says he will come back for the other Dragons.

Wind starts to look for Dr. Deatstrok, a villain who wants to destroy all dragons at night. He starts looking. He finds a sign that says, "Dr. Ekotshtaed, Psychologist." He starts to wonder if that is Dr. Deatstrok, but he says it is probably not. Then, a minion of Dr. Deatstrok knocks him out and puts him in a sack.

When Wind wakes up, he finds himself in Dr. Deatstrok's Evil Lair of Death. Dr. Deatstrok says to him he will pay with death, but Wind refuses to die. He breaks through the rope tied to him and runs away from Dr. Deatstrok. When Wind arrives at the prison to release the Dragons, the prison gets carried away by Dr. Deatstrok's Minions, who are in a robot. Wind tries to catch the robot, but he isn't fast enough. The robot flies away, and Wind starts sobbing. Then, Wind finds a trail of leaves. Wind thinks one of the Dragons must have started a trail so he can find them.

Characters Edit

  • Wind
  • Dr. Deatstrok
  • Dr. Deatstrok's Minions
  • Captured Dragons

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