This is the second episode of Wiki Apocalypse.

Synopsis Edit

The group starts their search for Drake.

Plot Edit

Thibo, Poseidon, Shirou, Gill and Brandon go look for Drake, while the others stay at the base. Gill finds Drake's cap lying on the street, a zombie approaches the group, but Poseidon shoots it. The gunshot attracts a horde, they find a fire escape, Hikaru boosts them up but can't manage to get up himself, so he escapes via a manhole.

Meanwhile, nothing is happening at the town hall. Cally, who's on guard duty, sees someone approaching the town hall. Cally and Quinten go to the guy and ask him who he is, the guy identifies himself as Cameron, he says he just lost his friends in a zombie attack, Cameron asks them if he can join their group, Quinten finds it good, but Cally says they'll have to ask Ben.

Shirou is wandering through the sewer system, but is surprised by a zombie. The zombie pins him on the ground, and Shirou drops his gun. A gunshot is heard, and the zombie falls dead.

Cally, Quinten and Cameron go to Ben, Ben accepts it. Suddenly, the others arrive, and tell them about Shirou, Poseidon notices Cameron and asks who he is, Cameron introduces himself to the others.

Shirou pushes the zombie off his body and notices a guy with a gun in his hand, the guy asks him who he is, so Shirou introduces himself, and tells the guy what happened.

Cameron and Brandon are on guard duty, they talk a little, to get to know each other better.

The man, who identifies himself as Bob, helps Shirou get back to the town hall, as he knows the whole sewer system. When they arrive at the town hall, the others ask who Bob is, Bob tells them who he is and how he met Shirou. Shirou notices Cameron and asks who he is, Quinten tells him that Cally found him walking near the town hall.

Cast Edit

@ - No Lines

Main Edit

  • Thibo1102
  • Inferno999
  • Poseidon133
  • BHCreations

Reccuring Edit

  • ThePinkGirl
  • TheShadowCraft
  • BCtheBoss

Co-Stars Edit

  • Captainfishlip
  • Chompy-King
  • Bvande