The Werewolves of Wiki Hollow is a TV series by Thibo1102.

Plot Edit


Characters Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

 Subtitle Colors Edit

  • Thibo1102: Purple
  • Inferno999: Red
  • Poseidon133: Gold
  • The battle dragon trainer: Yellow
  • BHCreations: Dark Green
  • Skyboy001: Turquoise
  • Blindsighter101: Light Blue 
  • ThePinkGirl: Violet 
  • TheShadowCraft: Dark Red
  • BCtheBoss: Blue
  • Swaggermang: Thistle
  • PetStarPlanet: Hot Pink
  • AdamGregory03: Medium Sea Green
  • CouyZDX: Dark Blue
  • CDIGanon: Slate Gray
  • Captainfishlip: Indian Red
  • HealingHeart080: Goldenrod
  • Cutiesaurs: Magenta
  • TheAnimatedKid: Dark Violet
  • Chompy-King: Olive
  • Bvande: Dim Gray

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