Ultimate Adventures is a TV show by TBDT.

Ultimate Adventures
Rating: Unknown
Channel: Dragon TV
Main Protagonist(s): Void the Dragon
Main Antagonist(s): Dr Destroyer
Number of Seasons: 10
First Episode: Meet Void
Finale Episode: Unknown
Creator: The battle dragon trainer

Characters Edit

Good Edit

  • Void the Dragon
  • Toco the Bird
  • Ala the Angel
  • Devil the Fox
  • Toxi the Scorpion
  • Nutty the Squirrel
  • Max the Lion
  • Mia and Maya the Dinosaurs

Bad Edit

  • Dr Destroyer
  • Glitch and Hack the Invaders
  • Uranium the Radioactive Toucan
  • Chaos the Blob of Darkness
  • Hammerhead the Shark
  • Rock Wrecker the Earth Golem

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