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The User Squad is a notable group in Wikia Town. It is the most popular group of Skylanders Fan High. It was originally a small group that consisted of Brandon, Poseidon and BC. However, when Aidan joined the group, the group started to grow and it became popular.

For a longer story of the User Squad's story before Star joined the group, see The Story of the User Squad.

Members Edit

  • Brandon (leader)
  • Poseidon (second-in-command)
  • Benjamin Christopher "BC" (third-in-command)
  • Connor (fourth-in-command)
  • Aidan (notable member)
  • Miles
  • Adam Gregory
  • Mario
  • Poseidia
  • Zap
  • Marley
  • Cameron
  • Cooper
  • Mark
  • Stephen
  • Chad
  • Fisher "Fishlip"
  • Collin
  • Draco
  • Thibo (got into an argument with BHCreations and was later accepted as a member again, was still in good terms with some User Squad members, mainly Aidan and Drake)
  • Star
  • Drake
  • Jordan
  • Josh
  • Shadow

Former members Edit

  • Ray (quit Skylanders Fan High)
  • Claus (quit Skylanders Fan High)
  • Matthew (left the group)
  • Kriztian (left the group)
  • Skylar (left the group)
  • Xavier (left the group)
  • Leo (left the group but is still in good terms with the User Squad members, mainly Star)
  • Ryan (moved from Wikia Town)

Tried to join but weren't accepted Edit

  • Blaze "Couy"

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown in which order the students who are listed between Miles and Star (not including those two) and Ryan joined.
  • People who joined the group at the same time include
    • Bradon, Poseidon and BC
    • Ray and Claus
    • Miles and Aidan
    • Star and Drake (with Jordan joining shortly after)
  • Ray, Poseidia and Star are the only female members of the User Squad (including former members).
  • The Fire team is the team with the most current members in the team, with four.

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