aka Getini

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is usual gamer, Pokemon, Yo-kai Watch, Steven Universe, and Plants vs. Zombies fan, of course
  • I am male
  • GetiniPvZ

    Hey guys, Getini here, and today I am telling you that I won't be that active for about a month (Actually July 10-August 5) because I'm going to The Philippines! You can leave me messages but probably I won't answer them until August 5th. So see you guys after August 5th, Yay.

    So I will try to be active as much as I can between today and Friday.


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  • GetiniPvZ

    I need more characters for my show, Teen Tales.

    If u want to be in it, sign up below by commenting!

    Current Signed Up Characters:

    Thibo1102 As Thibo

    TBDT As Sky

    TheShadowCraft As Shoji

    Whirly Volcano As Leo

    PSP As Star

    Inferno999 As Aidan

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  • GetiniPvZ

    Since I made a new TV Show called Dragon Wind, I need help adding characters! So thiis your chance to be on the show! You can:

    -Come up with a story for an episode!


    -Be in an episode!

    Just comment on this blog if you want to do any of these things!

    If u want to appear in an episode, these are the episodes you can appear in:

    S1 E19: The Lava Temple 1/3 1. TBDT = Firetooth Dragon 2. 3.

    S2 E27: The Red Gem 0/2 1. 2.

    S3 E5: The Celebrity Kickoff 0/1 1.

    S4 E15: The Soccer Showdown 0/2 1. 2.

    More coming soon!?!

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