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  • HadesKun

    Hey just wanted to say I won't be able to edit because my father says I can't use the computer even though it's technically summer break...that's what is crappy. :/

    Anyways, I can only use the comp when he's gone but he's staying here which is a pain...

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  • HadesKun

    Hey guys, so I've decided to share this info just in case you didn't know. We have a new upcoming Dragon Ball series, called Dragon Ball Super!

    So I didn't realise, but apparently this is a new DBZ series after 18 years!

    Anyways, to make sure this isn't a prank, here:


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  • HadesKun

    Okay, so I got a template that you all can use for episodes. This way, it'll be more organized. You can head on over to the page through the use of this link.

    Template:Episode Info

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