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  • PetStarPlanet

    Okay, I'm not even doing anything on this wiki anymore, so I might as well release the full plot I was intending to use for Wikia Town.

    • Eventually, Sky (HealingHeart080) ends up in a huge argument with some of the most notable User Squad members. This makes Sky feel bad later and she decides not to return.
    • At the end, all fourth year User Squad members (with a few exceptions) tell which school they're going to continue. Star is still unsure. Drake, Poseidon, Aidan and Draco continue. The rest leave.
    • Taylor "Draco" (who, by the way, will get a new nickname, "Tay", by the end of season 2, so I'm just going to call her that) and Monique will stay at MovieStarPlanet High.

    • Star and her most "notable" friends (including Tay, Samantha, Leo, Aidan, Dr…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    So, now I'm going to reveal a scrapped idea I planned for a future Wikia Town season, but seeing what currently happens on Wikia and how it affects the series, this is very unlikely to happen in the series.

    So, according to my original plan, season 13 (or just the last episode, idk), takes place 30 years after season 1 (2045). So, even then, Skylanders Fan High still exists. Brandon (BH), now 44, is the new principal of Skylanders Fan High and the follower of Dani. BC and Poseidon are teachers.

    However, this is unlikely to happen for the following reasons:

    1. The admins, at least BH and Poseidon, losing interest (since the events of my series are based on actual Wiki events)
    2. The decreasing popularity of Skylanders Fan High and its eventual moving…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    Ok, so in this blog, I will actually talk about two things.

    Note: This is still an early plan so things might change.

    So, in season 3, twists happen that affect the schools Star attented. There are fewer and fewer teenagers in Wikia Town that are actually interested in Skylanders and MovieStarPlanet. The User Squad breaks and Skylanders Fan High might be "doomed" after Brandon, one of the most notable students of Skylanders Fan High, completely loses his interest in Skylanders. As for Poseidon, he is only interested because Skylanders: SuperChargers includes racing, a thing he is interested in.

    After some anti-bronies attack a My Little Pony high school, the students of that school are transferred to MovieStarPlanet High.  Absol and her siste…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    I have already planned the basic plots of seasons 1-2 since those two are based on events that currently take place in the past. As for season 3, it will take place in August-December 2015 and it will introduce some new characters, including OCs. Note that things are still in very early production and I'm currently making pages for season 1 episodes as those are currently "aired".

    WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS OF UPCOMING EPISODE PAGES! Yes... I know it's not even an actual series, but still...

    Getini was already mentioned by Drake in season 1, but in season 2, he will be much more notable. In season 2, Drake introduces Getini to his friends, and he becomes a good friend of many people, especially Thibo. In se…

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  • PetStarPlanet

    So, I have already revealed some season 2 "spoilers" in the characters section, and I already revealed who joins and leaves the User Squad and even Skylanders Fan High in season 1.

    So, now I'm going to reveal the planned main characters in season 2 and the possible main characters in season 3... and some other things.

    In the second half of seson 1, Ryan moves away from Wikia Town. Some time earlier, Miles and Lucas' step-sister Sky moves to Wikia Town and visits Skylanders Fan High in order to know her possible future school better. Leo leaves the User Squad and Yuudai joins the group. In YouTube City, Travis gets a girlfriend called Stacy. The winner of the Skystones Tournament has been decided, but it won't be revealed until the episode ge…

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