So, I have already revealed some season 2 "spoilers" in the characters section, and I already revealed who joins and leaves the User Squad and even Skylanders Fan High in season 1.

So, now I'm going to reveal the planned main characters in season 2 and the possible main characters in season 3... and some other things.

Season 1

In the second half of seson 1, Ryan moves away from Wikia Town. Some time earlier, Miles and Lucas' step-sister Sky moves to Wikia Town and visits Skylanders Fan High in order to know her possible future school better. Leo leaves the User Squad and Yuudai joins the group. In YouTube City, Travis gets a girlfriend called Stacy. The winner of the Skystones Tournament has been decided, but it won't be revealed until the episode gets a page.

Season 2

Season 2 will take place in the summer vacation 2015 and will be "aired" in January-June 2016. During the first half of the season, Travis, Lily and Stacy visit Wikia Town. Travis and Stacy break up for a short while, but get together shortly after. Getini and Thibo go to the Lost Islands.

Notable characters include:

  • Star
  • Lily
  • Travis
  • Stacy
  • Leo
  • Drake
  • Aidan
  • Thibo
  • Getini
  • Taylor "Draco"
  • Samantha

It seems that Fisher "Fishlip" moves away from Wikia Town, but in the end, he doesn't. Miles and his family (Miles and Lucas' mom, Lucas, Sky & Sky's dad) are about to move away but in the end, they don't after all three kids say no.

Season 3

It's currently undecided which high school Star will continue. These characters are 99% confirmed not to be part of the User Squad anymore, as they either graduated or decided to continue the other high school after their 4th year:

  • Mario
  • Connor
  • Cooper
  • Chad
  • Josh
  • Collin
  • Jordan
  • Draco

These characters are 99% confirmed to still be part of the User Squad:

  • Brandon
  • BC
  • Poseidon
  • Aidan
  • Drake
  • Yuudai
  • Thibo

A new OC of the Magic element will be introduced and he/she will be the new leader of the Magic team. Season 3 takes place in August-December 2015 and it will be "aired" in July-December 2016.

Non-canon spin-off

Wikia Town will get its first non-canon spin-off on December 21, 2015. I'm not going to reveal what it is about, but I will give one hint: the date is a supposed anniversary of a certain event that didn't actually happen.

Mobile apps

That's right, I'm also planning to do a Wikia Town mobile app (not an actual app). On which wiki should I do a page for it?

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