So, now I'm going to reveal a scrapped idea I planned for a future Wikia Town season, but seeing what currently happens on Wikia and how it affects the series, this is very unlikely to happen in the series.

The idea

So, according to my original plan, season 13 (or just the last episode, idk), takes place 30 years after season 1 (2045). So, even then, Skylanders Fan High still exists. Brandon (BH), now 44, is the new principal of Skylanders Fan High and the follower of Dani. BC and Poseidon are teachers.

However, this is unlikely to happen for the following reasons:

  1. The admins, at least BH and Poseidon, losing interest (since the events of my series are based on actual Wiki events)
  2. The decreasing popularity of Skylanders Fan High and its eventual moving/changing I mentioned in the previous blog.

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