Ok, so in this blog, I will actually talk about two things.

Season 3 "spoilers"

Note: This is still an early plan so things might change.

So, in season 3, twists happen that affect the schools Star attented. There are fewer and fewer teenagers in Wikia Town that are actually interested in Skylanders and MovieStarPlanet. The User Squad breaks and Skylanders Fan High might be "doomed" after Brandon, one of the most notable students of Skylanders Fan High, completely loses his interest in Skylanders. As for Poseidon, he is only interested because Skylanders: SuperChargers includes racing, a thing he is interested in.

After some anti-bronies attack a My Little Pony high school, the students of that school are transferred to MovieStarPlanet High.  Absol and her sister Pixie, a new teacher, are more than happy to start a MLP class, but they won't make it a big thing in order to avoid further attacks by anti-bronies.

As for Skylanders Fan High, there are two possible things that might happen:

  1. Skylanders Fan High gets discontinued and all of the students transfer to Video Games Fanon High. That school starts to focus on Skylanders more than it used to.
  2. Skylanders Fan High starts many classes such as a LEGO class and a Television series class and it becomes more than just a Skylanders school.


This is a thing I wanted to talk about. In season 3 or 4, there will be relationships, not just Travis and Stacy (who, btw, are kind of on-again-off-again since they break up at least twice, but get together like after 1 or 2 days). So, anyway, I was thinking that some of the Wikia users could be in relationships. So, is there anyone you want the character based on you to date?

These are some plans that might or migh not happen:

  • Thibo and Summer (Maple Panda)
  • Draco (MSPCPMH) and Aidan (Inferno999) - They meet each other in season 1 since they're both Star's friends. In season 2, they discover they're both Potterheads and they might start developing a closer relationship.
  • Shadow and an OC

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