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  • TheLonelyHydreigon456

    Hey guys, I need chars for Drastora. If you join with one, you can use it for the upcoming Drastora RP on the roleplay everything wiki! you own it on there.

    Do this

    • Name:
    • Species:
    • Good or Bad:
    • Homeland:

    Homeland can be Drastora, Darklands, Skyreai, Irata or Elinta.

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  • TheLonelyHydreigon456

    This is a copy but

    TBDT is the firey tempered, all elemental main character of the series. He is a smart and courageous character who is fast and can summon Dragons. He has 2 apprentices, Athena and Articstar24. His main dragon is Firetooth. He first appears in E1.

    In the second season TBDT discovers powers such as controlling more creatures then Dragons. He tames the hydra Venomhead and the phoenix Flamefeather. He also introduces his friends to GetiniPvZ, a friend he met when he was absent.

    Inferno is a firey mage with a jet blaster. He can be a bit rude at times. He is good friends with TBDT and TAK and but is horrified when TAK is captured (Him being disabled irl). He gets over it and finds the first of the Lost Wikis. He first appears in…

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