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  • My occupation is Writing, videogames, drawing
  • Thibo1102

    Playing Town of Salem

    July 25, 2015 by Thibo1102

    I'm playing Town of Salem at the moment, you can join if u want, it's pretty boring to play on your own.

    You can play here:

    When registering, it will ask something similar to "If a friend recomended this game to you, put their username here.", add my username (Thibo1102) in that field, then once you have won 10 games or more I will get rewards =D

    When you have created your account, send me a friend request, my username is Thibo1102. Then wait until I accept, and I'll invite you to a party.

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  • Thibo1102

    Gonna Go To Romania

    July 5, 2015 by Thibo1102

    Today I'm gonna go to Romania, so I might not be as active for the next 3 weeks...

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  • Thibo1102

    Some of you wanted to know this so I'm gonna add who will appear when in Wiki Apocalypse.

    • Me - S1 E1
    • Inferno999 - S1 E1
    • Poseidon133 - S1 E1
    • The battle dragon trainer - S1 E1
    • BHCreations - S1 E1
    • Skyboy001 - S1 E4
    • Blindsighter101 - S2 E2
    • ThePinkGirl - S1 E1
    • TheShadowCraft - S1 E1
    • BCtheBoss - S1 E1
    • Swaggermang - S1 E4
    • PetStarPlanet - S1 E4
    • AdamGregory03 - S2 E1
    • CouyZDX - S1 E6
    • CDIGanon - S2 E2
    • Kriztian Milanes - S2 E9
    • Poseidia133 - S1 E3
    • Captainfishlip - S1 E1
    • Whirly Volcano - S1 E4
    • Mirai Moon - S1 E4
    • HealingHeart080 - S2 E2
    • Cutiesaurs - S2 E2
    • TheAnimatedKid - S2 E1
    • TriggerStudios - S2 E9
    • Maple Panda - S3 E1
    • Chompy-King - S1 E2
    • Bvande - S1 E2
    • GetiniPvZ - S3 E2
    • Sheeplander - S3 E3
    • Nurp-Nautoddler - S3 E2
    • Draco333 - S3 E2
    • RandomUser24 - S3 E2
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  • Thibo1102

    Hi guys, I have a list of things I want to do on this wiki, and I wanted to show it to you.

    I want to make more pages for Wiki Apocalypse, as a lot of characters don't have pages, and I want to fix that.

    I'm thinking of making a LEGO Ninjago series, with wikia users as the ninja. What do you think about it?

    I wanted to make a Town of Salem/Werewolves of Miller's Hollow series with wikia as a base, what do you think?

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