Wiki Apocalypse
Rating: Unknown
Channel: Unknown
Main Protagonist(s): Thibo1102, Inferno999, Poseidon133
Main Antagonist(s): Unknown
Number of Seasons: Unknown
First Episode: Wiki Apocalypse/Episode 1
Finale Episode: Unknown
Creator: Thibo1102
Wiki Apocalypse is a TV series by Thibo1102. The series revolves around various users trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. There are 3 seasons planned, each consist of 8 to 14 episodes.

Plot Edit

3 users (Thibo1102, Inferno999, and Poseidon133) get caught in the zombie apocalypse, and as they try to survive they do face worse things you can imagine... They might have some people on their side, but can they trust everyone?

Characters Edit

For a full list of characters, click here.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. A New Beginning
  2. The Search
  3. Rescue Mission
  4. New Group
  5. Reunited
  6. Mystery Man
  7. Worst Supply Run Ever
  8. Overrun

Season 2 Edit

  1. On The Way
  2. Fleming Family Farm
  3. The Truth
  4. Suicidal
  5. Traitors
  6. Flashbacks
  7. Strangers
  8. What Happened and What's Going On
  9. Burning Fire

Season 3 Edit

  1. Back to Nothing
  2. New Faces
  3. Conquering Our Fear

Subtitle Colors Edit

  • Thibo1102: Purple
  • Inferno999: Red
  • Poseidon133: Gold
  • The battle dragon trainer: Yellow
  • BHCreations: Dark Green
  • Skyboy001: Turquoise
  • Blindsighter101: Cyan 
  • ThePinkGirl: Violet 
  • TheShadowCraft: Dark Red
  • BCtheBoss: Blue
  • Swaggermang: Mediumseagreen
  • PetStarPlanet: Wild Watermelon
  • AdamGregory03: Saddle Brown
  • CouyZDX: Dark Blue
  • CDIGanon: Slate Gray
  • Kriztian Milanes: Lime Green
  • Poseidia133: Tan
  • Captainfishlip: Indian Red
  • Whirly Volcano: Orange Red
  • Mirai Moon: Indigo
  • HealingHeart080: Goldenrod
  • Cutiesaurs: Magenta
  • TheAnimatedKid: Dark Violet
  • TriggerStudios: Green
  • Maple Panda: Steel Blue
  • Chompy-King: Olive
  • Bvande: Dim Gray
  • Chopper Chopper: Orange
  • GetiniPvZ: Coral
  • Sheeplander: Teal
  • Nurp-Nautoddler: Light Blue
  • Draco333: Maroon
  • RandomUser24: Navy
  • RedstingerCitronThunderBolt: Fire Brick
  • Spiketheporcupine: TBA
  • Kyledude788: TBA
  • 55golem: TBA
  • The Peace Monster Releaser: TBA