Note! This page is still based on season 1 information. For example, the years are the characters' years at high school during season 1. Also note that Star is listed twice because she attends both MovieStarPlanet High and Skylanders Fan High in season 1. It also contains spoilers from unfinished season 1 episodes.

MovieStarPlanet High Edit

Note that every group includes many unnamed members as well.

Staff Edit

  • Miyuki (SnowGem) (principal)
  • Alice "Ali" (DinoBunnies) (teacher)
  • Zoey "Absol" (AbsolTheHiroPone) (teacher)

Fifth year students Edit

Fourth year students Edit

Third year students Edit

  • Tiara "Teej" (Clickyourheart)

Skylanders Fan High Edit

Note that every group includes many unnamed members as well.

Bold means that the characters are also part of the User Squad. Some of the characters join during the events of the series. Italic means that they were former members of the User Squad who either changed their school or decided not to be members after a while. Light blue means that the characters are also part of the Artic Team.

Originally, there were only 8 elemental teams. However, in late 2014, the Light and Dark teams were formed and every user had to be resorted. While most students stayed in their original elements, some students were sorted into the Light or Dark teams.

Staff Edit

  • Daniel "Dani" (Dani3204) (principal)
  • Tristan (Dripsy123) (teacher)

Air Team Edit

  • Poseidon (Poseidon133) (leader, fourth year)
  • Miles (Blindsighter101) (first year)
  • Star (PetStarPlanet) (fourth year)
  • Skylar "Sky" (Skyboy001) (third year)
  • Penelope (second year)
  • Benjamin "Ben"
  • Aurora

Earth Team Edit

  • Adam Gregory (AdamGregory03) (leader, fifth year)
  • Mario (UUnlockedMario) (fourth year)
  • Kyle (Kyledude788) (fifth year)
  • Gary (55golem) (third year)

Fire Team Edit

  • Benjamin Christopher "BC" (BCtheBoss) (leader, fourth year)
  • Aidan (Inferno999) (fourth year)
  • Yuudai Shirou "Shadow" (HadesKun/Khranus) (third year)
  • Poseidia (Poseidia133) (fourth year)
  • Leo (Whirly Volcano) (fourth year)
  • Lucas (HighVoltageXD/Speed-Slayer/RoyalPharodox172) (second year)

Water Team Edit

  • Connor (21qmcgagin) (leader, sixth year)
  • Zap (ZapNorris) (fifth year)
  • Silver (Articstar 120) (third year)
  • Claus (Master Masked Man) (formely, fifth year, quit after his fourth year)

Tech Team Edit

  • Marley (InterdimensionalFlop) (leader, third year)
  • Cameron (Chompy-King) (third year)
  • Drake (TheLonelyHydreigon456) (fourth year)
  • Matthew (G4g5g4g5) (sixth year)

Magic Team Edit

  • Cooper (Cutiesaurs) (current leader, sixth year)
  • Ryan (TheAnimatedKid) (former leader, second year, his family moved away from Wikia Town in May 2015)
  • Ray (RayClaus) (formely, fifth year, quit after her fourth year)
  • Kriztian (KriztianMilanes) (fourth year)

Undead Team Edit

  • Brandon (BHCreations) (leader, second year)
  • Mark (CDiGanon) (third year)
  • Kai (SupremeKibitoKai) (sixth year)
  • Cindy (second year)
  • Samuel

Life Team Edit

  • Stephen (Swaggermang) (leader, third year)
  • Chad (ChomperzGonnaChomp) (sixth year)
  • Josh (Acorn Eel) (fourth year)
  • Rose (second year)

Light Team Edit

  • Fisher "Fishlip" (Captainfishlip) (leader, fifth year) (originally part of the Tech Team)
  • Collin (Chopper Chopper) (fourth year) (originally part of the Undead Team)
  • Blaze "Couy" (CouyZDX) (second year, temporarily expelled) (originally part of the Tech Team)
  • Skylar (Skylandswarrior) (second year) (originally part of the Air Team)

Dark Team Edit

  • Thibo (Thibo1102) (leader, third year) (originally part of the Magic Team)
  • Jordan (Bvande) (fourth year)
  • Draco (Draco333) (fourth year) (originally part of the Fire Team)
  • Xavier (X-Craft) (second year) (originally part of the Undead Team)

Planned to go there but never went Edit

  • Sky (HealingHeart080) (one year before high school, decided not to go to the school because of arguments with students)

YouTube City Edit

The Skylander Dad Edit

The Skylander Dad is the principal of the Skylander High School.

Others Edit

Star's parents Edit

Star's mother and father are the most notable unnamed characters in the series. They are usually seen alongside Star at their home.

Black Rhino Ranger (BRRGames/BRRSpore) Edit

Arzan (better known as Black Rhino Ranger) is a celebrity who visits Skylanders and My Little Pony themed schools. He has many fans, including Star and Travis. He visited The Skylander High School in YouTube City in 2013, and used to visit Skylanders Fan High in Wikia Town many times before Star started at the high school.

Jake (Mirai Moon) Edit

Jake is one of Thibo's best friends. He was seen at a fanfiction camp held by Thibo.

Season 2 & 3 Edit

WARNING! This section contains spoilers from seasons 2 & 3.

Note: Things here are not 100% confirmed and might change.

Timothy (GetiniPvZ) Edit

Timothy is one of the new students of Skylanders and Video Games Fan High and a good friend of Drake. He is mentioned in season 1 where he attends Plants vs Zombies Character Creator High.

Jonathan (Jonathan.rorbecker) Edit

Jonahthan is one of the new students of Skylanders and Video Games Fan High.

Skyleigh (SkyPhoenixMSP) Edit

Skyleigh is one of the new students of MovieStarPlanet and My Little Pony High.

Stacy (firela the hedgehog1) Edit

Stacy is Travis' girlfriend. They met sometime after Star moved to Wikia Town and the two started dating on May 17, 2015. She is 15 like Travis and is attending SonicCentral High. She is mentioned in season 1 and will make her first full appearance in season 2 when she visits Wikia Town with Travis and Lily.

Afterwards, Stacy and Travis break up and get back together multiple times until Stacy leaves him permanently in January 2016.

Star's cousin Edit

Star's cousin (name revealed later) is an otaku (manga/anime fan) who is in her early teens. She visits wikia town sometime during season 2 and becomes friends with Shadow because he is an otaku too.

Kelsie (KelsiLuvs) Edit

Kelsi is Samantha's good friend who moves to Wikia Town for a short while.

Andrew (A.J. McNulty) Edit

Andrew is a friend of Travis, Stacy and later Lily. It is unknown if he will make a full appearance in season 2 or if he will only be mentioned. He is 14 years old in season 2. Like Travis, he is a fan of Sonic and Spyro.

Avery (3x Gallexii 3x) Edit

Avery is one of the new students at MovieStarPlanet High.

Pixie (Pixdeen) Edit

Pixie is the younger sister of Absol who starts teaching at MovieStarPlanet and My Little Pony High.

Philippa "Phil" (Radioactiv) Edit

Phil is the art teacher at Skylanders Fan High.

Keith (Kenneaf) Edit

Keith is a new student of Skylanders and Video Games Fan High.

Mentioned only Edit

Summer (Maple Panda) Edit

Summer is Thibo's friend who was only mentioned by Thibo.

Cally Edit

Cally is Thibo's older sister who graduated from high school a few years before the events of Wikia Town. It is unknown what high schools she attended.

Samantha "Sammie" (Sammiekatt) Edit

Sammie is a former student of MovieStarPlanet High and one of Draco's best friends. She was nicknamed Sammie in order to avoid being confused with Samantha.

Mariel (MarielTheKeyBasHGirl) Edit

Mariel is one of Travis' closest friends. She is also friends with Stacy, or at least she knows her. She lives in YouTube City like Travis, Lily, Stacy and Scyrina.

Scyrina Edit

Scyrina is a 16-year-old girl who is one of the most popular students of The Skylander High School. She and Travis have known each other since 2011.

Stephen (StephenKnux) Edit

Stephen is one of the teachers at SonicCentral High. He is Lily's favorite teacher.

Gerard and Nicholas (GetiniGamerZ Gaming, Skylanders Shorts, and More!) Edit

Gerard and Nicholas are Timothy's friends who live in YouTube City and attend a gaming themed high school (possibly Skylanders). Together, the two and Timothy founded Team Getini.

Trivia Edit

  • While none of the characters have their last names revealed, some of them have known middle names, such has Adam (Gregory) and BC (Christopher).
    • Draco, Shadow and BC are currently the only people who have two known names and a nickname.
  • The Undead character Cindy is a Wikia Town version of Cynder789, an OC in Wikia Absolution, a fanon game by Poseidon133.
  • Some of the characters were never named in the show and are only playable in the Skystones Events of LEGO Wikia Town.