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Zachary Bortz (September 25,1941-September 1, 2000) is a karate student, runner and volleyball player and is one of the main characters in Zachary, Grace and Lexia. He is voiced by Regan Burns.

Personal details

Born: September 25,1941

Cat Repair Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Died: September 1, 2000 (age 58)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Resting Place: Shoops Cemetery

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Date Edit

Zachary met Meredith Bortz (January 16, 1941-April 22, 2006) on April 13, 1957. They first dated five days later on April 18, 1957.

Marriage and Children Edit

Zachary married Alexa Bortz (November 19, 1941-July 1, 2010) on November 12, 1960. They had 6 children (1 son and 5 daughters):

Athlete Years Edit

Zachary started karate on August 21, 1974 and went until May 14, 1976. He started track on June 3, 1976 and went until February 3, 1980. He started cross country on September 13, 1976 and went until April 5, 1980. He started indoor track on October 4, 1976 and went until April 10, 1980. He started volleyball on March 4, 1977 and went until June 9, 1977.

Death Edit

Zachary suffered pneumonia on August 28, 2000. He died four days later on September 1, 2000, 24 days before his 59th birthday at the age of 58. His funeral was held at Zimmerman-Auer Funeral Home on September 10, 2000. His friend, Sherie Beth Paris (April 25, 1942-April 7, 2010), directed his funeral. Zachary was buried right next to his son Wilber at Shoops Cemetery in Harrisburg,Pennsylvania. His funeral time was at 12:35 PM and his burial time was at 1:05 PM. Zachary wore a white shirt with a black buttoned shirt over it, a black tie, black pants and black pants in his purple casket. His grave was a pink template. His name and birth and death dates were white. Six months later on March 10, 2001, his grave was made with dark blue crystal with a blue cat and an orange cat with their paws up on it. His grave has a yellow circle marked with the day he and Alexa got married. The word "Married" is red and the marriage day (Nov. 12, 1960) are blue. The words "Husband", his name,t he day he was born (Sept. 25, 1941) and the day he died (Sept. 1, 2000) are blue and the words "Wife", Alexa's name, the day she was born (Nov. 19, 1941) and the day she died (Jul. 1, 2010) are white. And their last name (Bortz) is purple. Zachary and Alexa have been together for 40 years until Zachary's death in 2000.

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